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Loans should not only come with affordable rates and flexible features, they should be tailored to suit your individual needs.

We’re here to help you find your ideal loan and get the features and benefits that will make the world of difference to you a

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Whether you have bad credit or simply want a better interest rate on your loan, we’re here to help

Having a bad credit score doesn’t mean you can’t access finance, it simply means you’re options are limited and you may not be able to qualify for the most competitive interest rates.

By applying directly to a lender that specialises in offering bad credit loans, you improve your chances of approval and save time. You also have the option of getting a secured or an unsecured loan, depending on the desired loan amount and your current financial position.

Need to reduce or simplify your debts?

If you have lots of unsecured debts and store accounts you may be finding it difficult to manage your repayments and keep track of how much you still owe. If you’ve missed any payments as a result of mismanagement, debt consolidation may be an option for you. If a large portion of your income goes to repaying debt and you find yourself not having sufficient cash flow to make it through the month, you may want to consider debt management or debt counselling services.

Looking for an affordable personal loan?

Personal loans are offered by all banks and non-bank lenders in a variety of different forms but with such an array of option it can become overwhelming to decide which one is just right. In order to secure a competitive rate and loan terms that suit you it is crucial that you compare loans using a loan comparison website. These sites also help you ascertain the fees associated with the loan or provide a comparison rate that includes the fees.

Need an urgent short-term or payday loan?

Short-term loans allow you to borrow a smaller sum of cash than a personal loan and repay the loan in up to 12 months. This is ideal for those with a limited budget that need urgent access to cash. If you’ve come across an emergency and need a small sum of cash that you want to repay when you get paid, a payday loan will be the ideal solution for you.

Finding a loan that meets your individual needs

Whatever your current financial and credit needs, these leading New Zealand lenders can provide you with a loan that’s tailored to your unique needs, quickly and easily. So whether you are blacklisted or are simply looking for a credit card that can function as a safety net for financial emergencies, we’ve got your covered. All you need to do is select your ideal option and complete a quick and easy online loan application.

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