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debt counselling in new zealand
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Are you ready to put debt to rest for good?

If you are over indebted and are ready to get help, debt counselling may be for you.

Restructure your debt repayment and make use of cutting-edge tools and solutions to become debt-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can no longer keep up with your debt repayments, we're ready to help

A big misconception is that people that don’t pay off their loans are doing it on purpose. However, this is not the case.

When unforeseen circumstances arise from home or work life, people may have no choice but to attend to them as fast as possible. This may then, in turn, make monthly payments fall short and end up resulting in the person being deemed a bad credit payer.

Nobody wakes up with the intention of being in a credit provider’s bad book or missing payments on their credit cards, but sometimes, it happens without any intention. This is when debt counselling comes into play. Debt counselling in New Zealand is a process that takes place when all other solutions have been exhausted to help a client manage their debt. This includes involving including the legal team to try and establish a better payment plan since all other methods have failed.

Don’t feel embarrassed about signing up for debt counselling

There are a lot of things that society will make you feel bad about. For starters, you are labelled as a failure and someone who wasn’t able to finish what they started if you default on personal loans, credit cards and even retail accounts. These are negative things that will only make you lose your mind if you were to dwell on them. What you should rather do instead is focus on paying your bills and put your best foot forward. Everybody learns from their mistakes and sometimes it takes a great error for someone to change their entire financial perspective.

We always put you first as the client

Debt counsellors would never do anything without your consent. Everything that they plan and implement is done only once you as the customer have given us the green light. There is no level of respect that has diminished now that you are going through a difficult financial time, to us, you are still the same customer that walked through our doors. After all, we too, are humans and we understand that things will never go as we predict them to go, but that should never stop you from trying to do better. It is important to remember that you fail to fulfil your various credit card, home, personal and vehicle loan obligations doesn’t do any worse for our reputation as a company. Rather, it implicates how you are as a client.

Prioritize your monthly instalments

Therefore, you are not doing us a favour by paying your monthly instalment, you are doing the right thing. After all, if you have the money or have budgeted the money to ensure that your payment is done, why not do it and get it over and done with?

There is nothing stopping you from picking up the pace and starting all over again by ensuring that you build your credit profile again. Furthermore, you can’t hold credit providers accountable for giving you a hard time when you want to enter into a service with them. Instead, you can try and prove them wrong by changing every negative credit report they have come to know about you. When you have bad credit you can still get a loan or what is usually called a bad credit loan but it is better to stay clear of taking on further credit before you've paid off your existing loans.

Can I pay my loan early?

Sure! Who are we to stop you from settling your loan sooner rather than later? Seeing that your name is associated with a lot of irregularities, it might be a good initiative to try and clean it up by taking your debts seriously from now on. After all, everyone should be given a second chance to change their fate and there is no greater way than starting right this instant.

How can I pay my advance?

There are many ways of paying your long and short-term loans. For starters, you can set up a debit order system that will make it convenient for you as the customer. With this method, you don’t have to wake up every day and stand in long queues to go make a deposit. Everything is done and processed online. Alternatively, if you prefer going to make a physical deposit, it is also okay. What we prefer is giving you options and let you have the final say.

Debt counselling does a lot of good rather than bad

While most people deem this as financial therapy, it has helped a lot of customers with regards to how they care about their financial state. When you give people the consequences of the problems they put themselves in, they can never blame you and say you never warned them when things start to go wrong. Therefore, when you have been bitten before, you will never go back to the place that nearly took your hand.

Debt counselling is not a place that we urge people to be in regardless of them being able to take themselves out of such a place. It is for this reason why we try to show our clients that they shouldn’t think it is a condition that they can heal. There is nothing attractive about someone who can’t pay their debts timeously. Therefore, we are constantly preaching the gospel of affordability because we practise responsible lending quite heavily. Having said that, we would never encourage you to take out a credit plan that is way above your monthly budget and expenses.

List of direct lenders offering Debt counselling

  1. Simply Budget Debt counsellor

    Simply Budget

    • Loans up to $10,000
    • Term up to 3 years
    • Interest from 6.99%
  2. Kiwi Debt Debt counsellor

    Kiwi Debt

    • Reduction of interest
    • Extending repayment terms
    • Term up to 3 years
  3. Canstar Debt counsellor


    • Loan comparison
    • Term up to 20 years
    • Interest from 6.99%