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Comparing loans is one of the most important steps in obtaining finance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your ideal loan by comparing online

There are so many credit providers that offer quick cash loans to a series of people looking for finance. The advantage of having so many credit companies is that they don’t operate in the same manner.

While they are all different, they also share a common goal of ensuring that the client is always put first. The last thing you would want as a client is to require assistance from an organization and not get it or the level of service you were expecting.

These days there are many loan comparison sites, while some sites will specialize in a specific loan type like car loans while many others will have a wide variety of loan options available. It is recommended that you try both these types of sites. It is important that you have a set of lender criteria in mind when you look at these sites.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some sites may be biased towards lenders that give them more commission while other sites stay unbiased and they will list loans and credit providers according to the user's search criteria. If you're looking to compare credit cards you can also use a loan comparsion site.

The client always gets peace of mind

There is always a peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have chosen the best financial credit plan. Look at many different business or personal loans and only apply when your lender criteria has been met.

A great benefit of loan comparison sites is that you can apply at many lenders with only one credit check. Having a credit check done every time you apply for a loan may reflect badly on your credit score. The results on a loan comparison site is almost instant, it will save you a lot of time by not going to each lender's website and sifting through the information.

How do I qualify for a loan?

It is important to ensure that you have a good credit profile when you apply for a loan. This will not help you now, but will also grant you enough points when you are looking for financial assistance in the future.

  • Clients must stay and have residency in New Zealand
  • Clients must be 18 years or older with a valid ID
  • Clients must have a permanent job or be self-employed. Self-employed clients will need a 3-month bank statement in order to apply.

Adhering to responsible lending

As much as we would love each and everybody to be awarded a loan when they ask for one, it doesn’t work like that. We have to ensure that you are in good financial standing to handle another debt and that you can still afford to pay your other loans.

We wouldn’t be doing our customers any justice if we allowed them to take a heap of credit with no financial means to settle their loans. Therefore, as much as we would like to help everyone who comes walking through our doors, part of our rules and regulations are being financially realistic.

Some loan comparison websites will allow you to search for debt consolidation loans which will allow you to combine multiple debts into one larger and easier to manage loan.

The benefits of a loan comparison site

There are many lenders that advertise on these loan comparison sites and this creates more competition amongst lenders. The lenders with the best rates and interest fees will be the most popular. This causes other lenders to lower their fees and interest rates to become more attractive to borrowers. On a loan comparison site you can find the best deals in the loan industry on everything from payday loans to home loans.

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