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Cheque Exchange - Innovative payday loans

It is not ideal to go around from bank to bank looking for finance. However, most people find themselves in this situation when they have nowhere to turn to.

There is no telling what tomorrow holds so it is for this reason why society takes all their documentation and goes to stand in long and hideous queues for a personal loan application.

Faster loan applications

If you come to Cheque Exchange, you wouldn’t see the necessity of carrying file after file and waiting for your number to be called in the line. Instead, you would realize that everything happens faster and more efficient with us.

We are not miracle workers, we are simply people who would do anything for our Kiwis. After all, we know how difficult those last few days drawing nearer to payday are, so we will never minimize your chances of getting a loan even if you are blacklisted and need a bad credit loan. The only time we would have to turn down your application is when you don’t meet our credit criterion. That, unfortunately, is beyond our control.

What are the requirements for applying for credit?

If you would like to apply for a payday loan at Cheque Exchange, you have to be above the age of 18 years. By this age, we believe you know each and everything you are doing and you are not forced into doing something you are not comfortable with or you don’t understand.

Also, you have to be a New Zealand citizen or at least have permanent residency to live in New Zealand. Lastly, you have to be working and earn a constant salary.

Cheque Exchange Services

Clients are advised to complete an online application form where they are asked to fill in personal, financial and employment details. The information that is gathered from this loan application will never be used for something else.

In fact, the only person that will know the details of your instant cash loan will be the agent that will be working on your loan. If you don’t understand a certain portion in the credit application, please don’t hesitate to call us and make us aware. What we don’t want is to see you complete the credit request and answer questions incorrectly due to lack of comprehension.

What happens next after I have submitted my loan application?

After you have submitted your loan application, the next step is the verification and assessment stage. This is when we have to check and even double check your identity documents to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that you are granted one of our payday loans as soon as possible.

We have seen a lot of people exaggerate their pay cheques with the hope of being granted approval quickly. However, this was a thing of the past when we started requesting bank statements and other credentials.

A fraud notice

We want to away with fraud and the best way you can catch these culprits is by ensuring that you request all the documents that will make it obvious if it is observed that they are misleading us as a provider of online loans. This has also reduced the amount of identity theft cases because nobody wants to face imprisonment.

Cheque Exchange – Payday loan

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Payday loan calculator

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Cheque Exchange - We go the extra mile for our clients

Our clients have had a lot of good things to say about Cheque Exchange going the extra mile to ensure that their money is safe.

We genuinely care about our customers, to us, what we do for them is not a mere business transaction, but a close partnership that we have developed with them over the years.

It means a whole lot when we get to see that there are people that appreciate the things we do for them on a daily basis.

When will the money be deposited?

Depending on which bank you use, the payday cash loan will take one to two business days to reflect on your bank account.

Once we have made the necessary transfers, we are no longer responsible for the turnaround times of your loan. The bank you use will know when the money will be available.

Why was my application rejected?

There could be a number of reasons as to why we had to reject your loan application. If your bad credit history seems to be getting worse instead of getting better, your short-term loan application may be affected.

However, we will never leave you wondering. We will always notify you about the reasons that amounted to us having to turn down your credit request.

What if I am late with my payment?

We know that something’s have a tendency of happening when you least expect them and this may affect your budget. If you are not able to fulfil your loan obligations due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform us as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until it is too late to inform us because it will be difficult for us to try and make another alternative for you. Instead, inform us as soon as you realize that you will not be able to settle your loan payment for the upcoming month.

Don’t wait for us to remind you because we then feel like you are not taking your credit seriously. If you are late on your payments, you will be ultimately liable to pay for extra charges and fees.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I unexpectedly had to borrow money after my dog got hit by a car and needed to get surgery. Cheque Exchange was so understanding and sorted me out with a payday loan in no time. Thank you guys so...

Maddie B
— Hamilton —

They’ve got a great staff. I got stuck while completing my online application for a payday loan and when I called customer care, the consultant I spoke to was very friendly and guided me through ...

Lee D
— Nelson —

Didn’t have to wait long to get the money after applying for a payday loan. Within a day, the money was in my account for me to use.

Josh K
— Palmerston North —

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