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Cash in a Flash - Fast, reliable payday loans

Have you ever been in a difficult situation that urges you to get money as soon as possible? It could be anything really, but what normally comes to mind at that instance? A loan.

That is the first solution that comes to mind for people who are in a financial predicament.

This is because you usually need to attend to something right away and if you have to go through the process of going to the bank to ask for a personal loan, it could take a few days before you get feedback.

Fast payday loans

Cash in a Flash is a registered financial service provider that does exactly that – give you cash in a flash.

The last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to get money and we make things slightly easier for you by giving you the money that you are borrowing so that you can focus on what’s more important.

Convenience at your service

Our payday loans are not as difficult as other credit providers make them out to be.

We help our clients by assisting them with easier credit in the shortest turnaround time.

There is no need to give us the hefty paperwork like a normal bank would require.

Instead, you will only give us the documents that we request and that should be more than enough to approve your loan application.

However, we must emphasize the fact that you have to submit real documents to us when you are applying so that we authorize your authenticity.

Cash in a Flash Services

There is very little you can do to have your credit application approved. For instance, you can’t force your payday request to get the green light.

However, you can ensure that you provide us with the right documents to increase your chances of getting the loan. We will go through a verification process where we check whether your documents meet our criteria.

People often think that after having rejected their online loan application, we will never open our doors for them again. However, this is not the case, we will always be available to help you in the best way we can.

What are the requirements for applying for credit?

Cash in a Flash has a few essential factors that want you to meet in order to be considered for a payday loan. For starters, you have to be a New Zealand citizen or at least have permanent residency to stay in the country of the Kiwis.

Furthermore, you have to be above the age of 18 years and have some means of employment. The source of income you get from your trade will be how you are able to pay for your loan.

How do I apply for the Cash in a Flash loan?

There are a variety of ways you can use to apply for a payday loan. All these routes will be based on what is your matter of preference. There is the electronic method of applying online by means of filling in an online application form

All that is required of you is to answer the questions that we will ask you and submit the application when you are done. If you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to call us to seek clarity instead of answering your questions incorrectly.

Alternatively, you can come to our offices and apply there. In order to speed up the quick loan application process, ensure that you have your identification documents, latest payslip, three months bank statements and your proof of address handy.

Cash in a Flash – Payday loan

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Payday loan calculator

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Cash in a Flash - loan payouts without delay

After you have submitted the instant cash loan application, we will verify the documents and if we are satisfied with what you have submitted to us, we will carry on with the final stages of your credit request and send the money to your bank account for your convenience.

How do I pay back the loan?

We set up a direct debit payment option so that it is easier for both parties concerned. All you have to do is give us a date when you would like us to collect the payment and we will be on it!

If you would like to pay your payday loan earlier than the scheduled date, you can do so by means of a manual or electronic payment. We will not stop you from settling your account earlier than you should.

In fact, we commend such behaviour because it proves to us how serious a client is about fulfilling their financial obligations.

Can I rearrange with Cash in Flash if I can’t pay my loan on time?

Should you not be able to pay your short-term loan due to unforeseen circumstances, please notify us as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until it is too late to inform us that your payment will be slightly late for that current month. Communication is imperative when it comes to early or late repayments.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Got a payday loan from them and I’m very happy with the service. I’ve even told friends and family about them because they are that good. Everything is seamless.

Codie S
— Tauranga —

I was just really glad that they worked so quickly to give me the cash I desperately needed after a found myself in a financial emergency.

Suzie L
— New Plymouth —

Cash in a Flash offers a fast, easy and very convenient way to get a payday loan.

Molly C
— Timaru —

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