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Kiwibank - Reliable credit solutions

Any New Zealand citizen will attest to how expensive the cost of living has become. Everything is expensive lately and when you don’t have the right guide, you will fall into the trap of debt of taking out short-term loans to make it through the month.

At Kiwibank, we understand that you can’t live without taking something on credit but we want you to be smart about it. It is for this reason why we have credit cards that are designed to afford everybody’s lifestyle.

You can afford a credit card

The misconception that it is only people who are wealthy that can have credit cards is a sentiment we are trying to replace by introducing everybody to a credit card of their choice. At the end of the day, we want to see every household surviving well within their financial means without having to spend money they don’t have.

It gives us great pain to see young people being subjected to debt and bankruptcy and we will never leave them hanging as long as they have come to us for help. Even when you can’t afford a credit card at the time that you are applying for one, we will help you clear your name so that your credentials are never associated with crazy debt.

Kiwibank cares about the environment

Mother Nature looks great, but if you look carefully, you will realize that fewer people are protecting our atmosphere. Kiwibank doesn’t and will never add to that statistic because we go out of our way to protect nature not only for us but for the next generation that is coming.

Kiwibank Services

As we have mentioned, the credit cards that you choose is based on how much money you make on a certain period of time.

The last thing we want is to see you choose a credit card that is beyond your affordability rank and will put you in further debt. Therefore, as much as you make the final say as the client, we will always advise on a choice that is not only practical but also makes financial sense.

Getting a Kiwibank credit card

If you are interested in one of our credit options, you can apply online via our online loan application, by giving us a phone call or coming to our offices. All methods will be attended to with the utmost urgency. There are certain questions you will be subjected to answer before you are granted a credit card. These are general questions that should be answered with the utmost truth and transparency.

Kiwibank assessment and verification process

After your credit card application has been brought to our attention, we will initiate the assessment process where you will be required to furnish us with certain documentation as you would when applying for any form of online loan.

These normally include your identification papers, bank statements and proof of your income. We just want to check which credit card you can afford and how well you pay your other financial obligations. As little as a credit card may seem to other people, it is also a credit that needs to be paid on a monthly basis.

Kiwibank – Credit card

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Benefits of Kiwibank

  • Get low-interest rates
  • Interest-free days
  • Easy application

Kiwibank - Quality credit solutions

What if I can’t pay my credit card anymore?

If you are encountering some financial difficulties that are making it problematic for you to maintain your credit card financial obligation, you can come to our offices and we will terminate your service. It is pointless to carry on with a debt you know you can no longer pay. If you have multiple credit cards that you cannot pay you may want to apply for a debt consolidation loan

Paying your credit card fees late

Should you not be able to pay your monthly credit fees on time, you will be liable to extra charges. If you keep paying your fees late, this will pose a negative credit profile and you may have a problem being granted loans in the future. Therefore, it is wise to try everything you can to make sure that you are never late on your payments.

Applying for more than one credit card

If you can afford an additional credit card and you meet our credit requirements, we will grant you another credit card. However, we usually advise our clients to have one credit card as opposed to many cards that serve one or similar functions. After all, we will still notice good and constant payments even if it is just from one credit card.

Kiwibank credit card reviews and testimonials

We have a number of people who we have helped change their financial story by affording them the opportunity to have a credit card. They praise us on our low charges and the great benefits they get from using these credit cards.

It gives us great joy to know that we help people and change their entire perspective when it comes to financial management. After all, we are here to help you get the best financial deals. In essence, this gives us more motivation to keep making our Kiwis happy.

Contacting Kiwibank

If you are interested in one of our credit cards and you would like to book an appointment, you can give us a phone and one of our consultants will help you. Another alternative can be dropping us an email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

If you are needing a credit card for the rainy days but don’t feel like spending the money on getting all the high rates then they have the card for you as they had for me apply for the low rate ...

Sarah T
— Wellington —

If you need a card for your travel purposes then they have the card for you all you have to do is apply and get rewarded every time you fly.

John E
— Auckland —

The service is great and they is always someone around that is willing to help you find the credit card that will suit your needs

Claire H
— Timaru —

Kiwibank Contact

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  • 94 Lambton Quay, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011 New Zealand
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  • Kiwibank Limited Private Bag 39888 Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt, 5045, New Zealand

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