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American Express - Affordable credit cards

American Express is a registered financial services provider that goes above and beyond for its customers.

We want our clients to have the best of everything, including their credit cards. Furthermore, we have seen to it that we give them a variety of options to choose from especially when deciding on which credit card to use. Seeing that the client is going to pay for the card, it is only fair to have a card that you prefer and will be able to afford.

Affordable credit card

The last thing we want to do is give you a credit card you won’t enjoy having because you are paying too much for it. It is for this reason why we are constantly interested in pleasing the client and their wants as opposed to trying to earn profits for them. While many people might not believe it, we are in the business of making financial dreams come true as opposed to enriching ourselves as a financial brand.

We are people orientated

When we opened our doors to society, we knew we would face some difficulty in the long run. However, we didn’t let that stop us from growing to becoming an institution that clients can trust.

Our focus is mainly on making sure that people live with their lives with the reassurance that American Express is always available to help them strive to be better spenders and manage money wisely. It is only when we see that a client has changed their entire financial perspective that we get to admire the work that we do.

American Express Services

There is a big misconception going around that has people thinking they can’t afford credit cards.

This is not true and if you are not given the right information or don’t ask for it, you will never know. Everyone can afford a credit card, there are different kinds of cards available depending on how much you earn.

Credit cards build your credit history

If you earn a certain salary, you will be given a credit card that is used by people who are within your remuneration grade. The only problem is when you won’t be able to pay the monthly charges that come with the card.

This may render in the total suspension of your card and may put you in the bad books of credit law. It is imperative to always have sufficient money in your bank account to meet your monthly instalments. After all, you might never know when you may need a personal loan and having a good credit profile will surely come in handy.

American Express Credit cards rewards

It is good to know that you will be liable for benefits after using your credit card for a certain period of time. These vary from discounts of eating in fancy restaurants and flight tickets.

It is not usual to get a credit card that also gives back to the actual consumer but American Express does it with a clean and pure heart. Our discounts are always views that we have got from the people and we have seen to it that we help out.

American Express – Credit card

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American Express - Adhering to the terms and conditions

It is very important to follow the credit rules of the cards that you are applying for. It is for this reason why we normally give you an agreement to read before we finalize your loan application online and get the ball rolling.

It is because we don’t want to have a situation at a later stage where you say that you weren’t informed about how the credit card process works. When you put your name on the dotted line, you are affirming that you understand our processes and you will have no problem with making monthly payments.

If you don’t understand a certain clause that is stipulated on our agreement, please contact us and we will explain everything to you in detail. The biggest mistake you can make is signing a legal and important document while you still need clarity on a few aspects.

American Express reviews and testimonials

We have a number of clients that we help on a daily basis that are exceptionally happy with the way we operate. So happy that some have even referred their friends and family members to our products and services. This makes us extremely happy because it gives us the indication that we are doing something right.

Having more than one credit card

If your affordability can afford it, you can have more than one credit card. The same process that you undertook when applying for your first card is the same one you going to have to do when you want the second credit card.

The only difference now is that we have your information on our database and we might not request as many documents as we did the first time seeing that we have everything on the system.

However, we must mention that having a lot of credit cards will not put you in good terms with us or any credit provider for that matter if you don’t pay it and you are always behind on your instalments. Ensure that you never miss your payments and you will be on the right track.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The best part about my credit card is that I get rewarded every time I swipe and I couldn’t have asked for better.

Carry L
— Auckland —

These credit cards are international and when I go visit my family overseas this is great knowing that I can buy on my card without any hassles.

Jackie S
— Wellington —

They will have a card for you whether you are looking at getting a credit card for just a rainy day or travel they will have the benefits you need.

David A
— Queenstown —

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