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Warehouse Money - A trusted credit provider

When we decided to open shop, we knew what we were doing. We were opening our doors to the society of New Zealand to have a financial friend they can trust for short-term loans and credit cards.

They trusted us because they come to us every day with a new problem for us to fix. We are not complaining because if this was the case, we wouldn’t have even started our operation in the first place.

Financial growth

What gives great pleasure and makes us carry on doing the job that we do is the amount of financial growth that we see from our clients. To have somebody who is deeply in debt is not a great site to watch, but we were open to every kind of behaviour when we started Warehouse Money.

Our clients are people who fight for their reputation and do whatever they can to get it out of the dark. It is only when a customer has changed their financial mentality and is doing things in a calmer level that we realize why exactly we started an organization of this calibre.

Most people think we find joy in seeing people struggle to pay their debts. However, what they don’t realize is that we would be happier if they had fewer bills to pay and more money in their pocket.

Warehouse Money red card and purple card

Both of these credit cards offer great deals for their members. Depending on what salary scale you get on a monthly basis and your affordability, you will choose either to take the red or purple credit card.

Warehouse Money Services

It is important that the client understand the basic of reading the contract agreement before we can carry on with their credit card or online loan application and approval. The client has a right to make a query about any clause they might not be familiar with or don’t actually understand.

Warehouse Money will be ready and willing to attend to all of your concerns as soon as you make your query known.

Furthermore, you must remember that if you don’t adhere to the rules and regulations of our agreement, we will not be able to assist you in the future should you be in need of, a loan on the basis of the poor credit profile you would have made for yourself.

Warehouse Money credit card fees

The fees that we have for our credit card options will not come as a surprise because we notify you of everything that is happening while you are still asking for information. Our website is also just a click away and we will also urge you to make use of it if you need other means of facts.

Adhering to the Warehouse Money private policy

Everything that we do at Warehouse Money is done with the utmost scrutiny and confidentiality. The information that you give to us is safe and protected by Warehouse Money.

Even if your employer wants to know about the status of your financial statements, we will not disclose such issues. We have to adhere to set policies and standards of protecting customer information.

Warehouse Money – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards

Benefits of Warehouse Money

  • Credit card discounts
  • Get monthly specials
  • 24 hours service

Warehouse Money - Effective credit solutions

Can I pay my credit card at a later stage

Should you not be able to pay your monthly fee on time due to personal issues that you may have experienced, please notify us as soon as possible. There is only so much we can do if you tell us later because our hands are mostly tied. However, if you notify us in time of your financial difficulty, we might be able to assist.

Although, we must warn you that if you continue making late payments a habit, your credit profile will be negatively impacted. Nonetheless, we are also aware of the fact that things often happen when you least expect them and they are usually beyond your control.

Having a bad credit history

Bad credit can happen to anyone. It should never deny you the opportunity of being granted another chance especially when you have proven that you have learned from your mistakes and you will not be subjected to being a bad payer again.

What is bad is when you don’t even see your mistake and still want to be given another chance. We will have to assess the severity of how bad your payments have been and we will then determine whether we can assist you with a bad credit loan or not. We can't help you if we accept your credit card application while it is still evident that you are not financially stable to accept another loan.

Having two credit cards

Customers are more than welcome to apply for two credit cards. If they meet all our requirements, we don’t see anything wrong. However, we will carry out the same assessment process and if we find that you can’t afford another credit card, we will have to reject your application.

At the end of the day, we don’t want to overwhelm you with debts you won’t be able to settle. We want you to be able to pay your debts without putting too much pressure on yourself or your budget. This is the only way we can show our clients just how much we care about them.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

You can apply for your card and purchase on your card and have up to 55 days to pay it back without getting charged extra interest.

Joan B
— Wellington —

They have online services 24/7 that means that you can apply 24/7 or you can ask questions and they always get back to you.

Tayla T
— Timaru —

They are New Zealand based company and that is why I like to deal with them as they are based here and that helps if you need to go to an office or branch.

Stewart B
— Queenstown —

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