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Master Card - Quality credit cards

We have been around for more than 50 years and we have never had the urge to close down our operations. To us, helping customers with their financial issues is not just a mere job to us but it is also a passion.

Nobody should be left in the cold to struggle alone with their financial problems and that is why we are here to help you get on the right track.

Master Card has assisted clients with their credit cards for many years and it pleases us when we see families maturing when it comes to their spending patterns.

The world is already expensive as it is and you shouldn’t be tempted into putting yourself in debt you won’t be able to pay.

It is for this reason why we teach our customers how to be smart spenders as opposed to reckless ones.

Helping society become better

We know that the little contributions that we make mean so much to another person. Therefore, that is why we want to help our customers and the society at large with whatever donations we can.

We take these initiatives seriously and we know that greater things can happen if people can work together to create even bigger moves.

Becoming part of the team

The careers that we have enabled our clients to be able to grow in their desired fields without constantly feeling like they are not exposed to any growth. Therefore, if you are interested in one of our positions, please feel free to apply for credit online.

Master Card Services

In the event that you lose or your credit card gets stolen, you have to inform us as soon as possible. The reason you have to notify us is that we have to stop your bank card from operating. If you take time to inform, your card might already be used to defraud you from your own money.

However, if you tell us while there is still time to block your card from functioning, there is still sufficient time to ensure that nobody misuses your hard earned money.

Financial security and protection are extremely important especially when you know that there are constantly crooks out there who would have a field day if they realized that you weren’t so careful with your money.

Adhering to the Private Policy

Each and everything that we do here at MasterCard is done with the utmost precision. We will never share your information with anyone because we don’t our customers feeling like we don’t take good care of their personal information and credentials.

Furthermore, we have made sure that every financial agent that we employ signs a Private Policy agreement that certifies that they can never share the information of any customer for whatever purpose without consulting the actual client first or notifying them if they are allowed to process such an activity.

If they do, they will be liable for an automatic hearing and a possible immediate dismissal because they wouldn’t have followed the required protocol that is stipulated in the set procedure.

Master Card – Credit card

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Master Card - A reliable credit provider

I will not be able to pay my personal loans and credit cards on time, what must I do?

If you are going through a difficult financial time that is making it a bit of a mission to maintain your financial obligations, you need to notify us right away. If you take too long to tell us and it eventually gets to the date of your scheduled payment, we will presume that you are ignoring your payment on purpose and we will have to charge you. However, we must clarify that even if you notify us, we will still charge you for dishonesty fees.

It is for this reason why we always urge our clients to not financially commit in credit advances they will not be able to fulfil. It will not only implicate your credit record in a negative state, but it will also give you a sour reputation. The last thing you would want to do for yourself is to give yourself a bad name in the financial industry especially if you know you will be looking into applying for more loans in the future.

Always consider the necessity of something you are looking into paying with credit, if it is not worth you putting your name with credit providers and short-term loans, don’t do it. As much as we would like to afford everybody the opportunity to have a MasterCard credit card, if it is at the expense of your budget and affordability, then it is not worth it.

Paying your credit card fee earlier 

Clients are more than welcome to pay for their credit cards monthly fees earlier the required date. The way we see it, if you have the money already in excess, why not? We will not stop you from settling your account. We take great pride in such customers who go out of their way to ensure that their monthly bills are paid for and in good standing.

Contacting MasterCard to make an appointment

If you would like to get a better insight on your credit cards or want us to explain how we operate our business, you can give us a call and our consultants will be happy to assist.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This company is the company to get your credit card with they are happy to help you get your dreams started. They take care of you and only offer you the best.

Tayla S
— Wellington —

They have the best service that I have ever had and even though I only keep my card for rainy days I couldn’t have gotten a better company to do my credit card for me.

Sarah M
— Queenstown —

With master card, you can travel anywhere without the stress you are able to travel the world and not have to worry about your card not working.

John B
— Wellington —

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