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We have seen how complicated business loans tend to get for entrepreneurs. We decided to do things a little bit different at My Business Finance. We have simplified the entire loan application to make our clients feel at ease.

The last thing we wanted is to make our customers dread the thought of having to complete the online application because it was too difficult. Therefore, we made it easy to follow through with the client finishing in less than 10 minutes.

A fast and reliable credit provider

One of the reasons we come highly recommended is because we work exceptionally fast to ensure that the customer receives the loan in a short period of time. When you have a business and it is in trouble, you don’t have much time to fix it. It is for this case why we have seen to it that we don’t delay the process.

The only time the credit process would be delayed if the business owner takes time to submit the documents that we have requested. It is very important the customers submit these documents as part of the verification process. Should we find certain discrepancies, we contact you to try and explain to us the findings.

If you are not able to clarify the deviations, we will not continue with the quick cash loan process. It is important that clients submit accurate information when they are requested. Documents such as financial bank statements and proof of ownership as well as the residential address are equally important.

My Business Finance Services

Society has a wrong misconception of thinking the only reason a business will require funding for their operation is because the organization isn’t performing well. This is not the only reason because your enterprise might be bringing in the big bucks, but you might still need a financial push.

The only thing that matters is the fact that your enterprise will benefit from the credit plan that you are requesting.

It is for this reason why we always urge our customers to apply for the exact amount that they need. It will not make any sense to pay for a loan you didn’t really need at the time.

A financial plan suitable for you

We don’t want our clients to feel overwhelmed with our business loan or feel that they can no longer pay for other expenses due to having picked an expensive plan. Instead, we want our clients to feel like we have lifted some weight off their shoulders.

Having said that, we will never allow our customers to choose a credit plan they won’t be able to afford. We always look at the financial statements of a business and then decide whether the entrepreneur will be able to pay the loan or not.

In essence, we give the customer the choice of choosing because they are the ones who know their expenses better than we do. However, the financial and bank statements that we request also give us a bit of an idea.

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How long will I have to wait before my loan application gets approved?

The maximum time a client can wait is one business day. We know that if we work quick enough, the customer will be able to start working on his business prospects. We will also revert back to you is your online loan application was unsuccessful and give you the reasons why this was the case. We do this so you know what are the blunders that we have seen and why you need to fix them.

This always increases your chances of approval in the future should you require a loan. Furthermore, we will welcome a loan application from someone we have turned down in the past because we know that they might have listened to our advice and changed their ways.

Size is not a matter of concern

If your enterprise is a small or big business, it is not a problem. Our mission is offering a business loan and property finance service to you without asking you unnecessary questions during a financially difficult time. We like to invest in smaller businesses because they are the ones that need guidance more than a big brand. Ultimately, we want to see everyone flourish and if we were part and parcel of such an accomplishment, it gives us more motivation to continue doing what we do.

Can I pay my loan sooner?

If you would like to settle your business loans sooner than the scheduled date, you are more than welcome to do so.

What if I have a complaint?

As much as we try our best to ensure that clients are given first-class treatment, we know that this won’t always be the case. As such, if you feel you have been unfairly mistreated, you can log a complaint and we will handle the matter. If you are still not satisfied with how the issue was addressed and handled, you are welcome to proceed to the next level of the complaint process.

Can I make an appointment with an agent?

Clients can set up an appointment if there is something they would like to clarify regarding their loan application.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Well as the name states you can’t go wrong they will make sure that you get the best financial advice for your company and what you are looking for.

Monique B
— Auckland —

Securing a loan with the company is relatively easy all you have to do is when you are applying to make sure to read all the sections and it will go by really fast.

Mary A
— Wellington —

They have been my backbone when my company went through a bit of a dip they asked no questions and they didn’t judge they helped me get my loan.

Jordan S
— Queenstown —

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