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Credit Union Central - Better money management

Credit unions are financial co-operative financial institutions that encourage their members to save and educate them to help them manage their money better and learn to budget and save.

This is a not for profit organization, but it is not a charity, so the credit union needs to adhere to a strict set of rules that is enforced by its members. Any profit that they make is reinvested to benefit their members and the local community.

Why are Credit Unions important?

To the main purpose of a credit union is to provide a platform where people can combine their resources, this, in turn, benefits all the members as every member is an owner and has a say over how the Credit Union is run.

By pooling resources there is a large saving and this saving is passed back to its members through low-interest rates and low costs and fees. Credit Unions can be very flexible with their personal loan requirements and they provide a very large variety of products and services.

Finance with added benefits

They are able to offer such great benefits and competitive quick loans with minimal fees and are a much more affordable option than traditional banks. Once you become a member you become a part owner as well, so any member of the public has the opportunity to have part ownership in the financial institution.

Each member can run for a seat on the board of directors and say how the profits should be used to benefit their members.

Credit Union Central Services

Credit unions first made an appearance in 1982 and although a Credit Union is not a registered bank but, the same services that a bank would.

We are a trusted alternative to the traditional banking system and your service also teaches you to manage your money better in the future.

Credit Unions care about the social and economic well being of their members and have a responsible attitude when it comes to lending and financial solutions.

Can anyone join a Credit Union?

Members benefit from low interest rates and fees as well as are deals on products and insurance offers. Most New Zealand credit unions are made up of a group of people that have the same interest this could be the same working sector, a hobby or people that live in the same community or their children attend the same school or go to the same church on Sundays.

There aren’t very many requirements to join a Credit Union, in turn,and as long as you meet the minimum criteria and live in New Zealand you should find one to join quite easily.

Other deals associated with Credit Unions include:

  • Special deals on car loans and vehicle financing
  • Access to a debit card that helps you keep control on your spending
  • Car insurance deals
  • Access to savings on funeral plans

Credit Union Central – Credit union loan

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Benefits of Credit Union Central

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Credit union loan calculator

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Credit Union Central - Smart finance

Traditional banks expect you to bank on their terms and stick to their hours while they enforce very strict lending criteria and fixed long and short-term loan repayment terms.

With Credit Unions, you have several different ways to bank and access your cash.

These ways to bank include:

  • You will be given an AcessCard and Debitcard
  • You will have access to your account through AccessMobile banking
  • Access via internet banking or telephone banking
  • As well as access via our mobile app

One card gives you access to everything

With just one card you will be able to transfer money for free, draw from retail stores or ATM’s and make purchases at certain outlets. This service is available 24 hours a day and the card is free.

This card gives you the convenience of a credit card but allows you to stay in your budget as the money you are spending is your own money.

The Tap and go option allow you to make purchases of up to $80.00 at any place where a Mastercard is excepted. Pay for your purchases online with the card for added security.

Educating our members to help them achieve a better financial future

When you join a Credit Union you are becoming a member of an organisation that really cares about its members, as part of the Service Credit Union members are educated to manage their money better through specials and loyalty programs.

Credit unions encourage their members to save and make the money that they already have work for them to make more money.

The money maker account

The Money maker account is perfect for those members that are seriously into savings. This account has no restrictions on a minimum deposit and when you can access your money. The interest rate is calculated daily and the profits are paid into your account monthly.

This means that you are able to earn interest on the interest that you have already made. The benefits include the possibility to bank for free through loyalty fee rebates.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Ever since I have made use of Credit Union Central credit offers, my budget is always on par.

Peter L
— Hamilton —

There is always something you going to benefit from a Credit Union Central loan.

Ben P
— Christchurch —

Thanks to the human resource team at Credit Union Central for going out of their way to ensure that I get the most affordable credit plan.

Olivia W
— Dunedin —

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