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SBS Bank

  • Home loans starting from $1,000
  • Low-interest starting from 5.29%
  • Repayment up to 30 years

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SBS Bank - A home loan designed to meet your needs

We were established in 1869 and were soon to become one of the most favourite personal loan services providers in New Zealand.

We are owned by our members so when you join us you become part of SBS Bank in New Zealand. We're dedicated to generating a partnership that is focused on assisting you on your journey to financial independence.

We strive to build mutual benefits, mutual respect and most of all mutual trust just the way banking should be! We also aim to give you the best professional assistance from your first

Tailor-made home loans

SBS Bank offers Kiwis the assistance to achieve their dreams and part of that is assisting you to find a suitable loan tailored for your personal circumstances.

Our quality home loans assist you to make your dream a reality, should you be putting down your roots for the first time or buying another home that will suit the needs of your growing family, if you’re looking to grow your wealth or just planning your dream home. We are here to assist.

SBS Bank Services

SBS Bank offers a wide range of financial services that include a diversity of long and short-term loans. From our affordable home loans that permit you to purchase your very own home.

Manage your home loan to the best of your advantage with a flexible home loan that provides control and flexibility by allowing you to increase the amount that you borrowed.

Purchase your very dream home with an SBS Bank home loan

We are a quality bank in New Zealand and we have been assisting individual through all their financial problems for nearly 150 years. Our property loans are top notch and we allow our customers to improve their lifestyles and purchase the things they’ve always wanted to have.

Apply for your loan today, start your home loan application by providing us with your personal information, one of our specialists will be in contact the very next business day to discuss your application and your borrowing requirements.

The information required is pretty basic; furnish us with your name, location and any contact details, you will also be requested to provide proof of your income and expenses as well as the number of dependents.

SBS Bank – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate 5.2920% p/a
  • Loan Amount from $1,000
  • Repayment 6 months to 30 years

Benefits of SBS Bank

  • Interest rates are fixed
  • Home loans are flexible
  • Home loan options

SBS Bank - Reliable home loans

We all want to have our own home and enjoy all the benefits a homeownership has to offer.

So if you feel it's time for you to buy your home and you no longer want to spend your hard-earned funds on renting it's time to apply for one of our affordable home loans. But you’re not too sure what the procedure is and where or how you need to start the home buying process.

It’s perfectly natural to have some questions and feel some anxiety when you first set out to purchase a home. Since buying your first home is a biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, you’ll want to do so with the confidence of knowing that everything is going to be okay and work out just right for you.

It’s quite important to get all the necessary information about your home buying process. The more information you have the more confidence you’ll be as a home buyer.

We offer house insurance – cover your home today

Don’t be without places to call home to apply now for our simple comprehensive house insurance to ensure that you are protecting your largest asset. The house insurance cover’s you from floods, earthquakes and storms.

In the case of a volcanic activity eruption or earthquake, the actual costs will be paid to you in order to repair or rebuild your house up to the sum insured that’s provided on your policy schedule above the EQC cover.

Should your home be destroyed or be damaged by the cause of a fire we’ll refund you the actual cost to rebuild or repair your home as per the insured amount.

Rules and regulations for rental properties

We have special optional covers offered for rented residential properties and landlords that include: There are options that cover the landlord for rental property contents, deliberate damage by tenants and rental loss cover.

Additional insurance covers include

  • Natural disaster damage - means you’ll get the difference between any EQC. If your house is damaged or even a total loss your policy will cover it, this cover includes retaining walls, garden, gates, driveways and paths.
  • Hidden gradual damage - you get up to $3 000 in a one year period for accidental overflows or leaks from internal waste or water, disposal pipes or if you have a permanent water tank installed.
  • Legal liability – should there be any damage to another person’s property which was accidentally caused at your home property a pay-out of up to $20 000 which will include the legal costs as well as the expenses for any one occurrence.
  • Rural Fires liability - this is cover for your legal liability (see Forest and Rural fires act 1977) you’ll be compensated an amount of up to $2 000 000 for any one occurrence.

One can never be certain so rather be safe than sorry and insure today!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It was so nice to have the support I had from SBS Bank when I approached them for a home loan. Having them walk me through step-by-step helped make things easier and it was just nice to know I ha...

Christine A
— Hamilton —

They’re very transparent, which I liked.

Kimberley F
— New Plymouth —

SBS Bank is very professional and efficient. I didn’t experience any hiccups when I applied for a home loan. Everything was straightforward and smooth.

Gene B
— Christchurch —

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