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  • Home loans up to $1,000,000
  • Low-interest up to 17.95%
  • Repayment up to 10 years

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AMP Services - Get your dream home

We have more than 150 years of history. Our reputation is solid and we provide a high-quality financial advice service as well as a wide range of products that will suit your needs.

If you have any financial-related needs for lending and retirement saving or perhaps insurance and investment, we can assist you with anything you may need with regards to personal loans and finances.

A professional team

AMP Services is a default Kiwi Saver supplier; in fact, we are the leading provider of workplace saving strategies in New Zealand, plus we have more or less 372 000 satisfied clients.

Our professional team is dedicated to delivering financial lending services and products using their expertise and experience to specially tailor the needs of our clients, doing this via our AMP Foundation, who proudly support various initiatives giving back to the community.

We can help you

A straightforward home loan classification posting made by AMP services is adaptable and has basic approaches so that you can settle on what is important and ideal for the way you live life, for what your needs are and your fantasies.

Irrespective of what you’re searching for essential or a specific loan options or maybe you require a modified loan which offers more alternatives, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we can assist.

AMP Services Services

It's very exciting when you purchase a home, a lot of planning goes into it, and probably be the biggest step in one’s life.

The fact is you cannot plan everything in life. And that is the reason our home loans were designed to be highly flexible.

Flexible terms

AMP Services offers the most attractive interest rates as well as convenient repayment schedules, there are a lot of changes in one’s life as time goes by, but it can be adapted to meet those changing needs.

You can even use your home loan to consolidate debt!

We are flexible with our terms so the rates can be fixed for 6 months or for if you prefer, you could also have fixed rates between 1 and 5 years.

Effective home loan solution

Speak to one of our highly qualified AMP Service advisers about which type of mortgage will be most effective and suited to your present circumstances and start planning your future, they are qualified to assist you with almost everything concerning the purchasing of your home will advise on the best mortgage.

We offer a variety of highly competitive mortgage loans which include flexible rates, revolving instant cash loans as well as loans that offer fixed interest rates.

AMP Services – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate 17.95%
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 10 years

Benefits of AMP Services

  • Choose a loan that suits you
  • Affordable loans
  • Apply online

AMP Services - change the way you think about home loans

We offer home loans in New Zealand that will change your way of thinking when you purchase your next home.

Apply for a home loan with AMP Services today and don’t look back. We will help you to make the right decision and give you the backing you need.

A loan that suits your needs

Picking a home loan that suits you and your families wants out not to be the most difficult part of choosing your dream home, it should be the most exciting event in your life, and your credit should be simple and straightforward, make the house you’re purchasing a homely-home and live out the dreams you’ve been dreaming. AMP Services give you the opportunity to choose from one of the pleasing alternative home loans that include the following:

We prefer to call it an AMP Essential loan that will suit every kind of credit. Our packages are customised to suit not only your individual requirements but most importantly your budget.

We are AMP Services offering an accredited financial service provider

We are an accredited financial service provider and we bid all New Zealanders the chance to get finance for when they need it most, no matter what the funds are for. We will construct your savings and assist you with all the paperwork and administration of your account because we care and want is best for our customers.

We are able to assist with whatever loan you need through our long-term loan benefits offering you some assistance as far as repayments are concerned, we will also take your affordability into consideration so that you can still maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

AMP Services are proud of the fact that we have been offering Kiwis assistance with managing their finances for many years and we will continue to better our services and offer customer satisfaction at all times.

Our rates are highly competitive

We are committed to offering competitive rates and support by addressing financial gain in all of your circumstances, we will continue in advising you and guiding you so that you may understand the best solution and to tailor online loans that will be best suited to your individual requirements.

Purchasing a home is simpler than you may expect. We give all New Zealander the opportunity to obtain a home loan with AMP Services because we care.

We invite you to take a browse through our site, or if you prefer to speak to one of our skilled and experienced staff members then pop in or give us a call, we are always available and will assist you with a loan or if you have any queries or questions you may have, you are also able to a fill in an online loan application form online.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

After getting married, my husband and I decided to buy our own house because we want to start a family soon. The team at AMP Services was beyond helpful. They were so welcoming, very easy to talk...

Liz P
— Hamilton —

They are very considerate. They provided me with a great home loan that meets my needs in terms of what I can afford, so that’s just wonderful!

Eric R
— New Plymouth —

I honestly didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly but I’m very relieved and happy with my home loan. I’m so excited to finally become a homeowner.

Debra Z
— Nelson —

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