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BNZ - Tailor-made credit cards

A lot of thought is invested in a person who would like to open a credit card. For starters, they think about the large accounts of money that they will be liable to pay on a frequent basis.

However, what most people don’t realize is that there are a variety of credit cards to choose from and they are all affordable.

It is very important to ask when you need clarity on something. This will help you get insight on things you have heard from other people and hear it from the actual staff of BNZ.

A credit that is shaped for your financial situation

As the customer, you have the opportunity of deciding which credit cards you prefer. If you prefer one that has little to zero charges, you can use this credit option.

This way, you will be able to go on about your way and nothing will change from your financial point of view.

On the other hand, you might prefer an personal loan option that gives out free rewards. These benefits from job opportunities and raise other greener pastures. The decision is up to you as the client as we want to be able to assist you with any kind of financial service.

Credit card tutorials and guides

We have a section on our website that is available for everyone from all parts of the world. In essence, we want our clients to be well informed about the advantages and disadvantage of having a credit card.

BNZ Services

Should you be interested in applying for a credit card, you need to contact us as soon as possible. There are always a number of ways you can make contact with us. If you would like to give us a call, you can do that by contacting the numbers on our website.

Another option of making us aware of your credit request is via email. We have consultants that are ready and waiting to assist you. Ultimately, you can apply electronically if you don’t have time to call or come to our offices.

BNZ greatest financial asset

Running a financial business comes with a lot of pressure. However, having such a great team of talented consultants have made the road slightly easier to travel.

We have nothing but good tidings to say about our workers because we know the amount of work they do to ensure that our clients are always happy.

We have experienced agents who have the ability and skill to explain everything in thorough and specific detail without requesting the assistance of a supervisor. This speaks to say that you are in good hands when you are being assisted by one of our greats.

Adhering to the terms and conditions

Should your online credit application be accepted, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully because the last thing you want to do is to make errors you could have avoided. If you need clarity, you can contact one of our offices and we will be happy to assist.

BNZ – Credit card

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Benefits of BNZ

  • Internet banking
  • Manage your card
  • Rewards cards

BNZ - We support responsible lending

As much as we will try our utmost best to offer you a reliable and excellent service all the time, we know that we don’t always get it right.

Having said that, if you feel you have been mistreated by one of our agents and you would like to lay a charge or open a case against him, you can do this by contact our Legal department. We will try to ensure that the matter is handled and dealt with as smoothly as possible.

However, fairness must take prerequisite. It is not very common for us to have clients that complain about our brand, but when it does happen, we try to handle it in the best way we know how. If you feel that your case wasn’t solved to your satisfaction, you can escalate the matter further and we will be notified if we will still be required to be present in your case.

Swapping your credit card the right way

There are a number of ways you can use your credit card and find financial freedom without doing so much work. For starters, you can pay for your payments online by simply linking your debt provider with the bank account. Furthermore, you can also shop and use your credit card to go overseas on a business or pleasure trip.

Seeing how convenient technology has become, we have seen the necessity of having a banking app that makes banking easier for our customers. While we had to stand in long queues before to ascertain that a payment has gone through, now, we can do this by just one click from your banking online application. The app has helped so many customers who were struggling to make time to settle payments due to having other responsibilities.

BNZ’s commitment to responsible lending

It is very wise to ensure that the credit card option you are applying for is a financial advance plan you will be able to afford to pay. After all, we don’t want to realize that you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations. Although some people successfully use their credit card to consolidate debt we do not recommend it

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

BNZ is a great company to get your credit card from and right now is the best time cause you can get a cashback of 150 $ what else could you ask for.

John C
— Napier —

The service fees are great and not expensive at all and that is why you should consider them plus the service is excellent.

Kyle C
— Auckland —

If you looking for a card that can get you rewards then you should really consider them besides having a credit card for everyone if you spend then you will get back with the rewards card.

Arianna J
— Queenstown —

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